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Thank you in advance for your consideration & support of the Arizona Broadcasters Association.  Please select the membership category below for member benefits information, dues rates & membership forms.


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The Arizona Broadcasters Association continues to work hard on your behalf to decrease costs and increase revenue as we all look towards ways of improving business practices.  Our priorities and mission for our members are to Serve, Educate & Advocate.

  • Government Relations:  The ABA has numerous in-district and Washington, DC meetings with members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation and have filed several FCC petitions for; the Local Radio Freedom Act to protect against the Performers Right Act (Performance Tax), TV Spectrum & Re-Packing Plan and obstacles for TV Translators and Ad Tax Deductability.   These examples of advocacy before the FCC illustrate how vigorous the ABA, and participating State Broadcasters Associations, are protecting and advancing the best interests of free, local, over-the-air radio and television.
  • Free Legal Hotline: Hosted by our Washington DC counsel on retainer, for all your FCC & Broadcast issue questions.
  • FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP):  The ABA’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is another benefit, provided to you at discounted member’s rates, that allows TV & Radio stations to voluntarily be inspected by an authorized inspector, protecting you from a routine FCC inspection/fines.  Passing the voluntary inspection provides you with a 3-year moratorium from a routine FCC inspection.
  • Revenue Producing On-Demand Training:   Investing in your success, the ABA provides the latest on-demand training for your entire staff.  We have teamed up with P1Learning to offer you 24/7 on-demand training campus, hundreds of interactive courses, tests and written materials for Sales, Leadership/Management, Programming and HR/Administration.   P1Learning has developed a Thinkzoom platform with new expanded courses as well as quarterly P1Plus one-on-one training for your new sales hires.  Again, this is FREE to ABA members.
  • Online & Social Community:  The ABA website is a one-stop resource for industry news, pertinent forms, links and announcements, and is designed to provide you easier access to the latest information on FCC, Congressional and State legislative issues.  We have our own career page for members use, in addition to access to the National Broadcasters Career Page.  Your membership directory profile includes your station’s logo, contact information and link to your website.  The ABA is also on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to keep you informed on industry issues and events on your mobile devices.

The ABA has been serving Arizona’s radio and television stations since 1952, and we are growing stronger and improving our services to you every year to help you remain profitable and significant.  We want you to know that your trade association is with you every step of the way and helping you be as successful as possible.

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Thank you in advance for your membership in your state broadcaster’s association!


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The Arizona Broadcasters Association continues to work hard to support our Associate Members by improving your profitability and business identity with our radio & television members. We continue to strategically evolve the organization better equip us to serve you.

As a member, your company is included in the ABA website’s Associate membership directory.  Your company profile provides contact information, logo and a link back to your website improving your business identity with our station members, making them aware of your services and support of their trade association.  In addition, the ABA website is designed to provide you easier access to our radio and television members through our station directory.

Other Associate Member benefits include:

  • Access to post your company’s job opportunities on the ABA website’s Career Page & National Career Page
  • A free booth at the two (2) Broadcasters Career Fairs in Phoenix & Tucson in the Spring & Fall
  • Access to P1Learning on-demand training program and webinars for your staff – which offers hundreds of interactive courses, tests and written materials for Sales, Leadership/Management, HR and Administration.
  • A Company “Spotlight Feature” –  our Associate Spotlight Features include your company bio, logo and social media links distributed to our entire ABA directory and posted on our social media sites – you can feature an upcoming event, new website, new program rollout or any promotion you have that you need help to spread the word about.

Please accept this invitation to renew your present annual membership or to become a new Associate Member of the Arizona Broadcasters Association. Our Associate Members are not only greatly appreciated by all radio and television broadcasters in Arizona but your support also displays your interest in helping to preserve and protect free-over-the air broadcasting in Arizona.

Thank you in advance for your membership!