LOWEST UNIT RATE (LUR) WINDOW for all elections the following applies:

  • 45 days prior for Primary Elections
  • 60 days prior for General Elections

Once you determine the election date, count back either 45 or 60 days (depending on the type of election) starting with the day before the actual election and this is your LUR window.


Each city’s election dates vary, so please visit your city websites for local election dates.

Ad Council Website

Broadcasters Foundation Website

To learn more about what BFOA does to help broadcasters in need, please take a moment to watch this VIDEO. Click here for the video with Spanish subtitles. Listen to their PSA, available for download here.

Handbook on Media Law

Perkins Coie’s E-Handbook on Media Law

“Marking Perkins Coie’s 34th year of representing the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona Inc., the firm has published an electronic version of the 7th edition of Arizona Reporter’s Handbook on Media Law.

The firm has long provided the handbook to the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona’s member organizations: the Arizona Broadcasters Association, the Arizona Cable Telecommunications Association, the Arizona Newspapers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Arizona Press Club. The handbook also has been used as a textbook at the journalism schools of the Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

The latest edition of the handbook covers the following topics:

  • Access to the news, including media access to court proceedings, public records, governmental meetings and facilities, and private property;
  • Interference with the news gathering process, such as subpoenas, search warrants and gag orders;
  • Limitations on the content of communications, including prior restraints and the laws of defamation and privacy;
  • Promises of confidentiality to sources; and
  • Copyright and trademark law.

The handbook provides a general summary of media law and directs readers who may be seeking legal advice on specific issues to contact Perkins Coie’s website.”

‘Rising Through the Ranks” Course Description

It’s almost time for another Rising Through the Ranks! The Rising Through the Ranks attendees forge bonds with their classmates that continue well beyond the actual sessions.  Each year, attendees to this unique program exchange email addresses and circulate news of promotions, express well-deserved kudos, share challenges, and offer experiences and solutions to help one another continue to thrive and succeed. And now share those stories and articles and messages of encouragement to one another through the Rising Through the Ranks Facebook page.

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