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The ABA’s mission is to serve, educate and advocate, and here’s the part where we educate. Check out these articles on industry topics, curated by Art Brooks, to share and discuss in the newsroom and around the proverbial water cooler. And remember – we share stories all week long on our social media channels.

FCC: Almost 1,000 Stations Will Have To Move – TV News Check

The commission releases details on the incentive auction results. More than $10 billion will go to 175 winning broadcasters that elected to participate in the incentive auction and repurpose their airwaves for mobile use. Of the non-participating stations, 957 stations will have to change channels.

Analyst: Writers’ Strike Could Send Ad Dollars to Digital – Broadcasting and Cable

A potential strike by the Writers Guild of America against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers in May could send viewers and advertisers to digital platforms, analyst Kannan Venkateshwar of Barclays said in a note Wednesday.

NAB Pushes FCC To Review TV Repack Schedule For FM’s Sake – Inside Radio

The National Association of Broadcasters took its concerns about the television repack schedule—and the potential impact on FM radio—straight to the top of the Federal Communications Commission last week.

NABOB: Subcaps Must Stay – Radio World

In other news of filings at the FCC: A rule change being championed by some broadcasters would effectively undermine the efforts to revitalize AM radio, so says the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission.

13th Annual AZ AMBER Alert Golf Classic – ABA

We hope you’ll come out to the AZ AMBER Alert Golf Classic. We have some exciting elements we’re adding this year like the Super Ticket — You can shoot a golf ball from a launcher and get a chance at 5 grand for a hole-in-one! We’ll be raising money for the program that has assisted in the safe recovery of over 90 of Arizona’s children. This year’s tournament will be May 5 at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club.